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Food and Wine Tailgating Favorites

The Ultimate Tailgating Guide from Food and Wine magazine:

Tailgating Chic with Go Chic!

Xs and Os: Object of the Game

A lot of us know what football is all about, but can we put it into words?  When it comes to the Xs and Os of football, here is the object of the game: The team on Offense tries to move the ball down the field (called a Drive) by running or passing and finally crossing the defense's goal line to score. The opposing team on Defense's job is to stop the Offense by: Taking the ball away by recovering a loose ball (called a Fumble or Turnover) Catching a pass thrown by the Offense's Quarterback (called an Interception) Forcing the opponent to kick the ball (called a Punt) {Wow, when you hear it that way it seems so easy!} All Xs and Os posts are adapted from the Coach Bass College Football Map.   Coach Bass's maps are a fold out "Beverage and Mustard Proof" {not kidding!} map that defines and explains the game of College Football.  I would bet you might see a woman folding out one of these babies at a game, but a man would not be caught dead do

Rick Bragg: For the Love of the Game

Breakfast in Ann Arbor, College Station, Laramie, Morgantown, Norman and Tuscaloosa

Plain Chicken Every Football Friday

Steph from the blog,  Plain Chicken , happens to have some phenomenal looking recipes and happens to be a football fan.  A GREAT football fan.  I know this because she wrote this: As Andy Williams says, “It's the most wonderful time of the year!” No, I'm not talking about Christmas. I'm talking about College Football season!!! It is finally here! I sense some major excitement in her voice about football season.  Not to mention her weekly menu list simply says "Tailgating" for Saturday's dinner.   Plain Chicken  was featured just yesterday on the engaging  New York Times' college football blog, The Quad ,  with Steph's recipe for these divine looking  Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls . Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls 1 unsliced loaf of sourdough bread (preferably round) 8 to 12 ounces Cheddar cheese, thinly sliced 3-ounce bag Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits 1/2 cup butter, melted 1 tablespoon ranch dressing mix Using a sharp bread knife, cut the loa

Become a Fan of the Fan

Ladies, I think we should bring back the fan. Imagine with me....  You are in a very hot football stadium with the sun blaring down on your hot skin.  You've done your best to dress smartly and coolly but your sweat is just getting the best of you.  You bought a bottle of ice cold $5 Dasani but you downed that almost one quarter ago.  Your team is ahead by 24 and you are sittin' pretty just trying to enjoy the game.  You pull a little fan out of your bag and begin the repetitive and relaxing movement of fanning yourself.  You are the envy of every woman in Section F, G and H, Rows 1-10 because of your fan.  Not just any fan, but a fan in your team colors:

Give Your Man's School Spirit Some Style

Back in the 20th century at our school (that would be pre-2000),  most of the men and boys wore collared shirts to football games....button downs and ties for the fraternity boys and collared shirts for the alumni boys.  Maybe even an old school sweater vest peppered in here and there.  

Morning after Gameday: French Toast Casserole; Waffle Biscuits

The day after a home gameday for citizens of any college town frequently means you provided a bed at night and you're providing some breakfast in the morning.  Bed-and-Breakfast!  I touched on breakfast at my house in  Good Morning, Cinnamon Roll .  But there's so much more to tell you about the most important meal of the day.

Xs and Os: Those white marks on the field

Every stadium is different, but the field is always marked the same excluding any team logos and colors on the field.  Every field is the same size and shape and has: End Line and Sideline: the outer boundaries of the playing field End Zone: 10-yard areas at each end of the field used for scoring Goal Line: beginning boundary of the End Zone that extends across the width of the field; cross this line for a Touchdown Yard Line Markers: on both Sidelines, each yard is marked; every 5 yards is a solid line across the field; numbers are placed every 10 yards Hash Marks: After each play, the ball is brought to the nearest Hash Mark for the next play

Good morning, Cinnamon Roll

It's a home game weekend and kick off was at 6pm last night, we made it home at 9:30 and we had guests at our house until 1:30.  Which means we have some breakfast guests this morning.  Something that is made in large quantities at my house are Cinnamon Rolls.   They are perfect for game weekends and morning tailgates and hostess gifts and birthdays.  They are also well liked by college football players.  One on our team even cut a deal that he would bring one of his mama's peach cobblers to trade for a pan of cinnamon rolls.  They really are delicious and I wouldn't brag about them if it was actually my recipe.  It's borrowed---from quite possibly the best blogger gal of all time.   The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond The woman can cook! Every recipe I have ever made of hers is divine and gooey and everyone loves it.  So, here is her fantastic recipe for you, for which she credits her mother.

Edibles for After a Chilly Game

At my house, we have food ready for tailgating and we have food ready for after the game. My sweet husband is super hungry after the game and he misses out on all the good tailgate food and fun.  So...I always try and have something ready to go at home for him and any guests that stop by after the game.  He made some ribs (he's super talented at cooking things outdoors!) on Thursday night for our after the game meal and I have some other little snacks ready.  The weather though is calling for a little addition to the menu. 

Rain in the Gameday Forecast

Well, it rained a bit today in our college town and we have a chance of rain for tomorrow night's home game.  What's a girl to do?  Make sure you have a sweet raincoat, a hat and perhaps some rain boots.  My earlier post,  Bagging a Win...What to Take into the Stadium , touches on rain gear a little

Gameday Dresses

My favorite gameday outfit for September games is a sundress. The ongoing search for team color gameday dresses in just the right colors was actually the original inspiration for this blog. While I have searched high and low, I just recently discovered a website I was always looking for,  Gameday Glamour .  She has  some fantastic dresses including dresses with school logos, like these:

Xs and Os: Scoring

This is a goalpost.  (see the uprights!!) The end zone is the section of field right  before the goalpost.  The Xs & Os series on Gameday Style will give you some super basic football facts.  It is definitely a sport that takes some time to learn and understand and I want you feel comfortable doing so right here.  Football is such an exciting sport to watch and is even more riveting when you understand it further.   xoxo!  There are just  4 ways to score in football: 1] Touchdown (6 points)       When any runner with the ball crosses the opponent's goal line       When a Receiver catches a pass in the opponent's end zone       When a player recovers a loose ball in the opponent's end zone 2] Point After (can only happen after a touchdown; the team has one chance)          (2 points)  Scored by running with the ball across the opponent's goal line or by catching                                   a pass in the end zone          (1 point)   Sco

Fall Football Luncheon

Over at one of my favorite design blogs, Tobi Fairley is talking about a football party.  Not a tailgate party, but a classic football luncheon.  This would be fun for ladies to do at home while all the husbands use the tickets for the big game.  Or for several couples to do while their team has a road game.  

Rah Rah Cupcakes

Use these baking cups to infuse some loyalty and style into your tailgate cupcakes, muffins or cake pops.  Head on over to   The Cupcake Social , where she has many more fantastic styles.

On the Road Tailgating

Goodies for Gameday

Tailgating Gear in the September 2011 issue of Southern Living Team-themed goodies make me giddy!  And Southern Living magazine covered a few in their September issue's college football section. Here are a few of my favorites that they featured.  Click the link above for their other fabulous picks.  I'll be featuring my own favorite items that I use in future posts.  Stay tuned. Tent Chandelier This clever chandelier is made to hook right on to your tent from  Go Chic  in Foley, AL —and it comes in lots of team colors; $120 TAILGATE PLATTER Made in  Lafayette, LA , these  printed melamine trays  are a stylish step up from flimsy paper plates; $30 each. NEEDLEPOINT FLASK These preppy-chic needlepoint flasks from  Smathers & Branson  in  Bethesda, MD  are available in your choice of 60 college team logos; $65. * they also have belts!

A Great Cocktail and Athens, GA

Bagging a win...what to take into the Stadium

The last several years of the big bag have been so helpful to game-goers who need things at the game, namely those going with kids. The downside of taking a bag is you have to wait in the bag inspection line when getting into the stadium, while gazing at all the people (mainly men)smoothly flying through the no-bags line. But I always need "stuff". Here are some game bag lists.

Kendra Scott's Gameday Jewels

Bloody Mary in my school colors? Yes, please!

Fan Favorite College Towns

Gameday Shoes, early in the season edition