Become a Fan of the Fan

Ladies, I think we should bring back the fan. Imagine with me....  You are in a very hot football stadium with the sun blaring down on your hot skin.  You've done your best to dress smartly and coolly but your sweat is just getting the best of you.  You bought a bottle of ice cold $5 Dasani but you downed that almost one quarter ago.  Your team is ahead by 24 and you are sittin' pretty just trying to enjoy the game.  You pull a little fan out of your bag and begin the repetitive and relaxing movement of fanning yourself.  You are the envy of every woman in Section F, G and H, Rows 1-10 because of your fan.  Not just any fan, but a fan in your team colors:

And no matter what team you are rooting for, you can find a fan in your team colors:

Our first game was hot, hot, hot and I had purchased team-themed fans to hand out to the ladies at my tailgate.  But they were sitting at home, forgotten about in the mad dash to load up the car for the game.  I sat on that frying-pan-hot metal bleacher dreaming of those fans.  Our second game was played in Arizona.  A couple of other football sisters and I went on a walk to kill some time on gameday and ran across a little Asian grocery and gift shop.  Inside, we discussed how great it would be to have a fan at the game.  We sought out fans in that shop in our colors and I bought one for my sister in law who is a football wife at another desert school in her colors.  We toted them to the game in our bags and pulled them out.  They were great!  The fan created just enough breeze to keep you cool enough and the moving of the fan created a way to let out nervous energy.  One of the gals lent out her fan to another football sister and I'm not sure she got it back.  

Many of us still have some hot games left this fall.  Find yourself a fan.  Mine are from Pearl River Mart at,  an NYC outpost of goodies from the East in SoHo.  You could also arrange for some custom fans printed with a fun team slogan or cheer at  Beau-Coup is an online superstore of unique and elegant looking wedding supplies, which means they have everything in every color and many items can be printed upon.  Buy some and you too can look like a relaxed football belle...and order in bulk so you can spread the fan love.


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