Breakfast Tailgate

Local Bagels and Cream Cheeses
Brie, Cheddar, Pimiento Cheese 
Fresh fruits
Smoked Salmon
Quiche (any kind will work nicely)
Pigs in a blanket (cocktail weenies with crescent roll dough)

Orange Juice

Whoa! 11:00 kickoff means you better load the car the night before or you're not making it to the stadium in time to make your tailgating prep worth your while. This particular tailgate may call for coffee, but September 3 outside is much too warm for coffee. In our case it was much too stifling for the cheese on my menu or for taking many photos. I wish I had a photo...the cheese melted into a heap. You would think I would be experienced enough to avoid this, but the intense heat was a bit of a surprise (hottest game of my life, fry an egg on the metal bleacher kind of heat). And I have to admit, since I'm a single girl on Gameday (my husband is not available), pre 11:30 kickoff tailgates usually have been, "let's grab a snack and drink from the back of the car". But, hey, it was our first game so we had to get out the candelabra!


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