Breakfast in Ann Arbor, College Station, Laramie, Morgantown, Norman and Tuscaloosa

Originally published by Gameday.Style in football season 2011. 

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Are you on the road with your team?  You probably are needing a good breakfast in a different college town than your own.  Gameday Style did a little research and got some inside knowledge on these college towns hosting games this weekend.  Have you noticed that some of the best breakfast places lack websites?  It would be safe to say that the lack of a website could mean that you're in for the kind of old-fashioned food that most of us are craving on a Sunday morning after gameday.

Ann Arbor, Michigan
 The first place to go the first time you get to Ann Arbor is Zingerman's.    Zingerman's is a legendary deli that has turned into an Ann Arbor food empire gone national.  Now you can order all sorts of unique foodie delights from them, most interesting being the highly sought after bacon-of-the-month club.   You could go to the deli (734.663.DELI) at 422 Detroit Street and make a breakfast out of all of the treats you find there or go over to 3711 Plaza Drive to the Zingerman's Bakehouse (734.761.2095).  Both open at 7am.  

Before you start discovering Ann Arbor, check out the article, 26 Reasons We Love Ann Arbor, at Midwest Living magazine.

College Station, Texas
A gameday road trip is not
complete without bacon!
Guy Fieri Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives favorite, the Hullabaloo Diner (979.690.3002) is located outside Bryan-College Station.  It's worth the short trip outside of town as it's one of Texas' few authentic diners.  It opens up at 9am on Sundays.  You should call them to get good directions so you aren't hullabaloo-lost.

Our College Station insider tells me Los Nortenos (979.779.7337) at 205 South Main in Bryan is a well-known spot and will give you es bueno desayuno.  They are known for their very large breakfast tacos.  Some of our Gameday Style insider's gameday buddies also suggest the Blue Baker (979.696.5055) at 201 Dominik Drive.  They also have a location at  800 University Drive.  They are a bakery that you can run through and get what's known to be the best bread and bagels in Bryan-College Station. 

And don't miss Must Be Heaven in College Station at 1700 Rock Prairie Road.  Its a third outpost of the popular pie spot in nearby Brenham.  While they don't have breakast, their sandwiches, soda fountain and famous pies will be perfect if you've slept in and missed the breakfast hour. 

Laramie, Wyoming
Our University of Wyoming alumna insider  tells us her favorite Sunday breakfast spot in this small town is  Perkin's (307.721.3800) at 204 South 30th will offer a variety of familiar dishes.  

The Prairie Rose (307.745.8140) at 410 South 2nd is also recommended by our insider and Yelp.  Their breakfast burrito is the most popular item on the menu and their cinnamon rolls are also a favorite. 

Morgantown, West Virginia
Our Gameday Style insider, who used to live in Morgantown, tells us Maxwells (304.292.0982) at 1 Wall Street in downtown Morgantown is the best Sunday spot. They open at 11am for brunch.  There is also a Panera Bread (304.598.3901) at 357 Patteson and a Chick Fil A (304.599.1840) down the street at 334 Patteson you can cruise through for a bite to eat if Maxwells is too busy or you need to get on the road before 11.  

When talking Morgantown restaurants, she made sure to tell us that Mario's Fishbowl (304.292.2511) is a can't miss.  Not for breakfast, though...this is a Wings place and although you might need a fishbowl for your coffee on Sunday morning, Mario's only serves fishbowls of ice cold beer and not in the morning hours.  Interesting trivia is that Mario's also provides food service to fraternities and sororities at West Virginia.

Norman, Oklahoma

Our OU Gameday Style insider tells us...

Ozzie's Diner (405.364.9835), located at the small airport in Norman, is a local favorite serving a traditional home cooked breakfast menu.

The Diner (405.329.6642) has been praised by Urban Spoon, Guy Fieri (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) and The Norman Transcript.  It is located downtown at 213 E Main Street

For a Norman classic original, grab a bite at La Baguette Bakery & Cafe, serving French bakery fare.  Their pastries are truly gorgeous. There are two locations, one at  924 West Main Street (405.329.5822) and one at 1130 Rambling Oaks (405.329.1101)

Jimmy's Egg (405.579.3447) is a landmark breakfast spot in Oklahoma.  It started as a small spot 30 years ago in Oklahoma City and now has 20 different locations in Oklahoma, as well as some stores in Kansas, Nebraska and Texas.  Their spot in Norman is at 2539 West Main and opens at 6am.  

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Our inside Bama alumna source tells us The Waysider Restaurant (205.345.8239), also referred to as The Waysider or The Waysider Inn,  is a Tuscaloosa standard at 1512 Greensboro Avenue.  Reviews from Yelp tell us it's the best and not to be discouraged by the parking situation.  Classic eggs, grits, bacon and hash brown meals can be found here.

Another insider, who got her education while cheering, "Rammer Jammer, Yellowhammer", mentions the City Cafe (205.758.9171) out in Northport, within 10 minutes of the airport.  She tells us, "just a really good meat 'n three kind of place with a country breakfast."  You just can't beat a meat 'n three kind of place!  

Please don't hesitate to share in the comments if you know of some other great spots or if you'd like to be a Gameday Style insider.   Thanks for your help!


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