Rain in the Gameday Forecast

Well, it rained a bit today in our college town and we have a chance of rain for tomorrow night's home game.  What's a girl to do?  Make sure you have a sweet raincoat, a hat and perhaps some rain boots.  My earlier post, Bagging a Win...What to Take into the Stadium, touches on rain gear a little
and gives merit to the ugly, yet completely practical and packable

During my college years, I refused to wear a poncho.  Until I became a mother (and thus some practicality added to the brain), I refused those hooded garbage bags.  Seriously, though, ladies... for periodic showers on a hot Saturday in a stadium, it really works beautifully. Not to mention how you can stuff one or several into your bag or even stuff small children inside.  I have a picture of me at a game with a little boy's head peaking out of each arm watching the game...and we all stayed dry.  We were able to resume our original stylish-ness once the shower stopped.  

On another particular game-night, it rained and poured and rained the entire game.  The weathermen (and my father in law)  accurately predicted this for us so our entire stadium was filled with fans mummified with multi-colored rain gear.   You couldn't tell who was a man and who was a woman.  It was all different colors, because all of the stores in town were purchased clean of all waterproof clothing and you just didn't have a choice...you just bought what was left.  Anyone that wasn't in rain gear that night looked ridiculous.  My particular outfit that evening was perfectly dry and cute during our impromptu indoor tailgate.  But the outfit quickly turned plain yet dry-as-a bone beautiful with the addition of borrowed rain pants (I still thank you, Mary Beth!), rain boots, and the XXXXXXXXL large sideline raincoat my husband brought home for me to use.  He didn't think my little trench coat would cut it I guess.  He was right.   All style pride goes out the window if torrential monsoon-type rain is in the forecast. You take pride in one thing-- remaining dry. 

The best rainy football game weather is when there just might be rain and it's on the cooler side.  Then you get to wear a great raincoat and hat and evoke the olden dapper days of college football (ooh...that's a future post...what gals wore to games throughout history).    Don't forget to wear some nice statement earrings to peek out from under your hat or maybe even a funky brooch on your smart raincoat.  Colors are limited when it comes to finding waterproof outerwear so you can customize with team colored jewelry or perhaps a team-hued belt on your khaki trench.  Keep in mind that you could always add a pink boot or even a pink hat.  Pink is a neutral when it comes to team loyalty.  Here are some picks for stylish rainy day game gear fit for some cooler weather, sans pon-choooooo....


Reds & Blacks


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