Goodies for Gameday

Team-themed goodies make us excited for the season!  And Southern Living magazine covered a few in their September issue's college football section. Here are a few of Gameday.Style’s favorites that they featured.  Click the link above for their other fabulous picks.  

Tent Chandelier

This clever chandelier is made to hook right on to your tent from Go Chic inFoley, AL—and it comes in lots of team colors; $120


Made in Lafayette, LA, these printed melamine trays are a stylish step up from flimsy paper plates; $30 each.


These preppy-chic needlepoint flasks from Smathers & Branson in Bethesda, MD are available in your choice of 60 college team logos; $65.

Originally published by Gameday.Style in football season 2011. External Links and products may not still be available.


What a fun blog!! Great tips and ideas from one who would be in the know!!! I know I'm tooting my own horn here...but I've got to tell you that many colleges and the NFL have Longaberger Baskets woven in their school colors along with a gorgeous wood lid emblazoned with the school logo. There are several styles and they would be perfect for any game-day celebration. We call them Fan Favorites and you can find them here: Hope it was okay give a shout out...I don't usually do this for myself :D Blessings!!!
Thank you so much, Diane...he team baskets are adorable! I actually have one in our school colors but I didn't know they had logo-ed lids available. How wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by the's brand new and it's fun to see who all visits it. Enjoy your Gameday Saturday!

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