Fan Favorite College Towns

"College towns" are not just any town or city with a college.  It is a term reserved for municipalities whose main thing going on in town is, well, College.  The term college town is usually an affectionate one. Everyone loves college towns. People that ever get to live in a college town love college towns.  And people usually adore the town in which they went to college.  Here is a fantastic collection of college towns, curated by Southern Living magazine.  Bookmark this guide if you're traveling to one of these towns in the next couple of years....or seasons.

What Does it Take To Be the Best College Town?

While these college towns top our preseason poll for reasons beyond the gridiron, we won't judge you for making an end zone rush to visit.

Best College Town Criteria:
  • A population under 200,000 (thus excluding favorites like Austin) so that the school has an incredibly strong impact on the town.
  • A lively local scene with good, affordable restaurants, independent boutiques, and support of the arts.
  • A dedicated and active alumni base.
  • A healthy dose of Southern charm.

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