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Tailgating Chic with Go Chic!

Oh my have to see It is a tailgater's dream!

Located in Foley, Alabama, Go Chic! features the most unique tailgating items you will lay your eyes on. Unique because almost everything is customized. The ladies at Go Chic! are working hard to make sure we can all tailgate in style. Here are my favorites:

The essential tailgating piece of equipment that sets you apart.
An interactive program on Go Chic's website allows
you to customize tablecloths in your school colors.
Not just for tailgating, remember these tablecloths for any
special events for which you need specific colors.

Tent Chandeliers
Available completely customized.
You choose the lamp shade and the metal color.
(featured in Southern Living and Gameday Style)

Gameday Menu Chalkboards
Be true to your school and choose your colors.

Tent Signs
Definitely provides some traffic control in a tent city.

Beverage Tubs
With spirited custom bands around the tubs.

P.S. You should go like Go Chic! on their Facebook page.  They are posting some wonderful recipes and there is even a link for making a watermelon into a football helmet for your tailgate!

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