Eat the Stadium

Originally published by Gameday.Style in football season 2011. 

External links and products featured may not still be available. 

Gameday Style loves this football stadium bundt cake pan by Nordicware.  

Just throw a little cake mix into the pan and you get this beauty...

Ok, maybe not.   

Jill over at Sprinklebelle Cakes in Utah made this amazing replica of the 
Kansas City Chiefs Stadium.  Amazing, yes?

Really, now---- this is what you get when you throw the cake batter into the stadium pan:

The nice, easy thing about this cake pan is that with some long snapper handiwork
and plenty of cooking spray, the cake just plops out into the stadium shape (unless you have a bad snap). You can make brownies in the pan as well as your favorite bundt cake recipes. Plain Chicken has a delicious Lemon Pound Cake recipe you could bake in it. 

Decorations can be as complicated or as simple as you'd like to make them.  Pennants created from stickers and toothpicks to stick into the cake and also doing a green coconut grass field and field markings to match your team's field.
You can buy your very own football stadium cake pan at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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