The Homecoming Mum

Originally published by Gameday.Style in football season 2011. External links and products featured may not still be available. 

Remember these?

Or perhaps you've seen a gargantuan Homecoming mum recently?  An artist in Marfa, Texas, Nancy Newberry,  did a series of photographs in 2009 called "Mum".  Click here for a narrative about her portrait series.   You can go to for the entire series, but here are some slices of Americana pie.

  It is so fun that giant bedecked Homecoming corsages are a tradition that stands strong in high school football.  There is even an online retailer,, that sells all the supplies you would need...charms, lettering, miles of ribbon...stuff.

Here is a fantastic little watercolor from a blog called Texas vs. New York, comparing Homecoming mums between Texas and New York.  (That would be Texas on the left)

Texas vs. New York by Sam Stefan

Giant Homecoming mums render themselves impractical at college games because of space issues in the stadium as well as the all day marathon that gameday is, but wearing a mum corsage on gameday is a great act of nostalgia and tradition.  Here is Sheryl Crow wearing her respectable yet wearable mum at her alma mater, the University of Missouri:

  Floral shops in college towns generally make them in the traditional style and colors known to that school.  Or you can make one yourself:

Southern Living had this tutorial on making adorable game corsages.  My copy, torn out of the September 2011 issue, is wrinkled from riding along in the car in anticipation for a trip to the craft store to buy cute ribbon.

Many Happy Homecomings to you!  Please post any memories of your Homecoming corsages in the comments below.


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