It's Tuesday and tomorrow is Gameday!

  We bring to you a little diversion during this football season....  
The World Series!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 19th, the series begins in St. Louis on your television at 7pm Central....and it may continue for an entire week.   This is a perfectly fine excuse for a Gameday Style party in your home.   Try out some of the tailgating recipes on Gameday Style (double it up and you'll be ready for the football weekend too), buy some red party supplies 
(Cards or Rangers) and your favorite beverages.  Then, invite some friends over for the game.  So pick your day.  If you pick Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you can mix it in with your football watching:

Game 1Wednesday, October 19TEX @ STLFOX7 p.m.
Game 2Thursday, October 20TEX @ STLFOX7 p.m.
Game 3Saturday, October 22STL @ TEXFOX7 p.m.
Game 4Sunday, October 23STL @ TEXFOX7 p.m.
Game 5*Monday, October 24STL @ TEXFOXTBA
Game 6*Wednesday, October 26TEX @ STLFOXTBA
Game 7*Thursday, October 27TEX @ STLFOXTBA
All games are on Fox.  Times listed are in Central time.  

In order to keep up the Gameday Style on your person, here are some great World Series gameday shirts to order up and wear.  If you're going to the games, it may be cold.  Pull out a cute jacket and a red scarf for your gameday look.  Baseball game style is cute and casual.  

All available at

And not to forget that sweet sprinting squirrel, now dubbed the Rally Squirrel, running for his dear life in Busch Stadium:


Now for the Rangers gear:


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