A Team Spirited Halloween

Originally published by Gameday.Style in football season 2011. External links and products featured may not still be available. 

How do you show your team spirit on October 31st? 

A college football player's girlfriend sent us this photo of the gorgeous job she
did showing her spirit.
A friend in Birmingham forwarded us this photo from a shop in Alabama.
Dueling pumpkins, anyone?  In case you were wondering this friend leans toward WDE!

OneStopFanShop.com has a large array of team spirited decorations

cookie jar for your treats
Permanent pumpkin
Love the superhero costume!
And the obligatory gaudy Halloween decoration!  love it!

Here's a fantastic tip from Gameday Style fan, Laura Shank Sobieck, who roots for the Oklahoma State Cowboys.  She buys her orange and black tailgate serving and decorating gear during the sales post Halloween.  Brilliant!

Now, a cute website for Halloween mascot costumes for your little one:


We perused a jack-o-lantern gallery on Bleacher Report***. ...

Ohio Stadium

Baltimore Ravens
World's Largest Outdoor (Halloween) Cocktail Party

A frustrated looking Oregon pumpkin

These pumpkin artists definitely have some spirit!  


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