Gameday in Tuscaloosa

Originally published by Gameday.Style in football season 2011. External links and products featured may not still be available. 

There's a football game that will be played Saturday night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama that is gaining a bit of attention.  #1 LSU is playing at #2 Alabama, the result of which will have major implications in who walks away with the National Championship.  As you can guess, gameday hosts in Alabama are gearing up for a big weekend.  Gameday Style was able to get some insider information on one tailgate, hosted by  Test Kitchen Director at Southern Living magazine, Rebecca Gordon.  

Yes, ma'am...from testing recipes day in and day out for the magazine content of Southern Living, this gal knows a hundred things or two about good food.  Rebecca also knows a lot about being a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide (she even keeps her season tickets in her safe deposit box as you can read it!).  So much a Bama fan, that she holds her own blog, TideFan Fare, and has created a darling tailgate tote, which you can catch in her second post below. 

On TideFan Fare this week Rebecca shared her menu plans for Saturday's big tailgate, which you can see below, but you should go cruise through and check out some of her other wonderful past posts on celebrating with gameday style:


Only in the South do you place regular season football tickets in your safe deposit box. Just don't forget to retrieve them before Saturday's kick-off!

Literally, get ready to devour LSU with these Louisiana inspired snackies.

Muffuletta Dip:

Tailgate Tip: Prepare Friday night. Pack in an icy cooler before hitting the road.

Chicken-and-Sausage Gumbo:

Tailgate Tip: Plan to plug in on the quad. Your crock pot, that is. Serve in Styrofoam cups with saltine crackers.

Bananas Foster Upside-Down Cake:

Tailgate Tip: Cut cake into bite-size cubes and place into Tupperware containers for goodies on the go. Serve with toothpicks for easy eats. The ULTIMATE pick up food!


...and Rebecca's Tailgate Totes at TideFan Fare


"...'Bama's pluck and grit have writ her name in crimson flame..."I've turned the volume down on these simple yet team spirited totes made from 10-ounces of light weight, natural cotton complete with a food-safe liner that can be wiped clean.

Perfect for sporting and toting yummies on game day or any day grocery runs. Each tote comes with a 3-inch removable houndstooth pin for just the right amount of fan flair!

Follow the link below to order yours today!

They're going about as fast as Trent Richardson on his way into the end zone!

Go check out these posts and more at TideFan Fare!


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