Make your Gameday Look Truly Yours...

Originally published by Gameday.Style in football season 2011. External links and products featured may not still be available. 

Fall, cooler gamedays and boots are officially here for a while!  Tall boots are the footwear of choice for a stylish gameday.  For a primer on boots, Gameday Style wants to introduce you to another great retailer out there called Yours Truly Clothing.  

YT Clothing focuses on solid colored apparel and accessories in your choice of colors. They also keep up a fun blog about their gameday looks and their travels around to campuses promoting YT Clothing.  One of their blog posts that caught my attention was about boots.  YT put together a great collection of basic boots that reside perfectly with their gameday apparel.

What makes Yours Truly Clothing unique is that they have simplified getting dressed for gameday.  They have a simple and selective group of pieces that you can accessorize differently for a new look with the same dress on multiple weekends. 

YT's well-curated collection provides soft fabrics to give you a comfortable way through gameday.  Then, you add to your look with their brightly colored accessories (jewelry, scarves and headbands), again, available in any team color. 

 Along with dressing the lady of the house for the big game, Yours Truly Clothing also features a way to get a unique shirt for little ones on gameday, called Y-Tees.  You choose the mascot, then the color and you have an adorable spirited little tee or sweatshirt.


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