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Barware for your Gentleman

 There is some great barware out there these days...the masculine, club-feeling kind of barware that makes you want to set up a tray for your ice bucket, a decanter and some rocks glasses so you can have your bourbon always ready to pour.  I can't think of a better idea than to gift a man that has Gameday Style with handsome items for his bar.  And then on gameday, these gifts could travel with him.  They would bring a lot of style to a gameday tailgate. Here are some selections aside from your normal rocks and shots glasses.
Williams-Sonoma has some gorgeous ice buckets right now.  On gameday, many tailgaters' ice buckets are igloo coolers, but including one of these to your tailgate table would be a handsome addition.  If you're weary of the breakables above, try an acrylic selection like this.  Customize with a monogram, of course, or letters to represent your team.  In your team colors, of course!  

from, which has a fantastic selection of masculine and feminine  monogrammed tableware

Garden and Gun introduced me to this dapper bottle opener. They say, "This hand-made design by American Forge South is the ultimate tailgating accessory."  Agreed.  You can have it made with an initial or choose your team's initial.  The company is hand-crafted and old school enough that the company, respectably, does not yet have a website. Call Georgia-based American Forge South at 404.351.8324 to order.

Pottery Barn impressed us all with the most masculine and elegant koozie you could possible come up with.  Everyone was so impressed that they sold out of these beauties quickly.  I found a consolation prize on EtsyRed Sky Designs makes leather and cowhide koozies.  The Montana based artist has many wildlife motifs as well as a football and beautiful pebbled leather koozies for their local teams.  

Red Sky Designs also has a handsome wine carrier...

This gorgeous leather piece carries bar and grill tools to tailgate, campsite and hunting lodge.  

                                                From Moore & Giles, it rolls up like this.

Now add a personal touch to your gentleman's gift with a handmade snack that makes a man feel like a man.

Loaded Bacon Popcorn

Click on the photo above for the fantastic recipe at
And at our house, we're big fans of whiskey stones.  They keep your drink cold with no ice melt and they are available at

Handsome gifts for a the gentlemen in your life.  Enjoy!

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