Be the Belle of the Bowl with Sportsanista

Sportsanista gives us the lowdown on getting our bowl game packing list together.  
I've been working on mine...we leave for our game in 9 days!  Although I need different colors than her WV old gold and blue, this gives me enough inspiration to get some new pieces ordered before the team plane takes off from our college town.  Use her bowl game advice for wherever you're packing for!

Be sure to click on over to her blog at for some more fashion advice.  She addressed the great winter wardrobe debate just yesterday...pantyhose or no pantyhose?

Be the Belle of the Bowl!

With Bowl season only weeks away, the only thing on my mind is what do I wear?!?! For me, attending a bowl game was always one of the only opportunities to be a spectator and dress like one! With seeing the brand and wearing it to work on a daily basis, the last thing I wanted to do was wear a large logo on my chest. There are different ways of showing your school spirit other than wearing the logo on every inch of your body right?? Why not take a spin on your bowl outfit this season and try something different. You know what everyone else will be wearing, so why not be different and stand out!

Lesson from Jackie O..... she once threw a cocktail party with a strict all black attire. The rules applied to everyone at the party but herself. Jackie shinned, literally, at the party in a green emerald sequin dress. There is your Jackie O nugget for the day.

Below are a few of my favorite bowltastic items. Now I may have been a little biased with the colors, but  you get the idea :)

Its never to late to add these to your Holiday list. Lets hope that you haven't been naughty this year....

I heart this Jcrew shirt and heart it even more with this puffer vest and pashmina .
Looking for the cherry on top? Try these vintage bangles

Want a more edgier look? Try this top from BCBG and pair it with these super comfortable Gap legging jeans.   Rebecca Minkoff is one of my favorite bag designers; this bag will fit your tickets, phone, camera and gloss! This necklace/bracelet, aka the transformer, is something you NEED.....nothing more to say.

Want something a little more classic? Wear this Tinley Road tunic with a pair of skinny jeans and these leg lengthening wedges by Report. I spotted this Juicy shoelace bracelet on the Upper East Side in called my name...I swear. 

Tis the season for sequins! I say have your Jackie O moment at the stadium.....why not! I know I said to steer away from wearing a logo, but Im going to make an exception for this darling cardigan. Try this sequin tank alone or pair it with a black blazer. Pull a reverse and try this sequin cardigan with a white tank underneath. 

Happy bowling and be sure to send your pictures to my twitter page...@mkSportsanista!  


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