Everyone is Bowling!

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It is time to bowl! Right along with all of the holiday prep that's occurring these days, there are some gamedays scattered here and there for bowl games. In a couple of weeks, we'll have some gamedays of non-stop football action, reminiscent of the fall.  

To talk bowl games, Gameday Style brought in football101women.com.  They recently wrote about the coveted BCS bowl games and the complicated system used to select the teams playing in those games. 

BCS Bowl Games Bring in the New Year with a Bang!

The 2011-2012 college football regular season has come to a close, which means one thing: it’s time for bowl games galore. This is arguably the best time of the college football season, and it happens to fall around arguably the two best holidays, Christmas and New Years. Starting on December 17 and ending on January 9, teams are competing all across the country in different bowl games.
As stated before in our College Championship Article, the BCS is a computer selection system that creates five bowl match-ups involving ten of the top ranked teams in the NCAA Division 1 conferences, including an opportunity for the top two to compete in the BCS National Championship Game.
There are 5 BCS Bowl Games: The Rose Bowl, The Discover Orange Bowl, The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, The AllState Sugar Bowl and the AllState BCS National Championship. These five bowl games include the best teams in the country going head to head. There are 35 bowl games over the span of three weeks, but these are the big ones, the games that everyone is waiting for!
This year the country’s tops teams that are competing in the BCS Bowl Games are:
Rose Bowl: #6 Oregon vs #9 Wisconsin at 5:00pm ET on January 2, in Pasadena, California
Discover Orange Bowl: #14 Clemson vs #23 West Virginia at 8:30pm ET on January 4, in Miami
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: #3 Oklahoma State vs #4 Stanford at 8:30pm ET on January 2, in Scottsdale, Arizona
AllState Sugar Bowl: #13 Michigan vs #17 Virginia Tech at 8:30pm ET on January 3, in New Orleans
AllState BCS National Championship: #1 Louisiana State University vs #2 Alabama at 8:30pm ET on January 9, in New Orleans
What bowl games are your favorite teams playing in? Let us know!


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