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Roll Geaux Roll!

Southern Living magazine is calling the big game in New Orleans the BCS Southern Showdown and the South's Biggest Tailgate.  They have a clever party guide all ready to go for you, my friends, at  With menus, recipes, a New Orleans travel guide and facts for Bama and Tiger Fans.

Muffle the Tide Muffulettas
Tiger Bait Red Beans and Rice
Elephant Ringers with Rolled Over Remoulade Sauce
Hurricane Punch-Out
Love Purple Live Gold Cupcakes

The Million Dollar Bama Sandwich
Big Al's Grilled Bacon and Blue Cheese Potato Salad
Dixie's Football Pride Spicy Sweet Deviled Eggs
Pennant Sugar Cookies
Crimson Cupcakes

They have also included sections for Gameday Dips and Drinks recipes.  
Cajun Lemonade will be my drink of choice on January 9.

Southern Living has just outdone themselves with gameday style!

Geaux or Roll on over to

for Southern Living's party guide to the South's Biggest Tailgate
p.s. the cupcake video is the have to watch!

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