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Giants/ Patriots Fashion

It's all red, white and blue at this year's Super Bowl.  
Check out Gameday Stylist's fashion picks for the big game...

Ok so the Giants weren’t the only big win this weekend. As it turns out the Patriots didn’t do so bad either and are headed to the Super Bowl. This is all very exciting because there is nothing NY’ers like more than beating Boston/New England sports teams :) Patriots fans, here is what I suggest wearing…new clothes always help me deal with a loss (and I may have to buy some of these items to celebrate NY’s win).

Congratulations Giants - you are on your way to the Super Bowl! Everyone in NY is psyched about the big win on Sunday :) What better way to celebrate than by shopping for a Super Bowl appropriate outfit? I think your team going to the big game is a great excuse for a shopping spree which includes a fewCatbird alphabet rings… NYG or NYG♥ 
1. Madewell Striped Transmission Tee / 2. Over-size Blue Enamel Chain Necklace / 3. Edie Purse (Bought a VERY similar & less expensive one atBanana Republic on Saturday, although it’s sadly not featured online)/ 4. Mixed-media Stretch Bracelet / 5. Satin Covered Bracelet / 6. Flair Skirt (on sale!) / 7.Faceted Drop Earring / 8. Catbird Alphabet Rings / 9. Madewell Archive Leather Boots

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