Hello again!

Well, Gameday Style is back!  I thought it best to take a bit of a break from writing to take care of matters near and dear...my family.  We have changed jobs-- as many college coaches do every year-- so the Gameday Style hiatus not only came during a great time during the off-season, but during the time we made the move to our new city where our coach has been working since January.  We are getting settled in, remodeling an old home close to the stadium so it will be ready in time for kickoff at our new school on September 1.  I missed out on filling y'all in on Spring Game happenings...last weekend wrapped up spring football at all schools all over the country.  We will be rounding into late spring and summer, which means we have to at least have a little thought of our fall fashion, travel and party plans for next season.  And I, along with the other coaches wives all over the country who have moved, have to change the colors of our wardrobes.  

 I really enjoy hearing from dedicated readers of the blog about fun things you see or want to hear about.  If you have some great party items, ideas, recipes, fashion resources or anything that has gameday style, please email me at gamedaystyle@yahoo (I purposefully left the .com off to prevent spam finders from finding my email, but please include the .com at the end so it gets to me).
Don't forget your friends that are making and/or selling creative items for gameday so that I can share with fans of stylish gamedays.   Best of all, let me know what stylish things you'd like to find for gameday.

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather...we'll talk soon!


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