ESPN, Guac and Margs

Just last week, ESPN updated their television schedule for the 2012 college football season.  Click below to see if your team's games will be televised on any of the ESPN stations or ABC.  

The link will be updated throughout the summer so you can bookmark it to find updates.

Gameday Style will soon be setting up a lot of posts to get you ready for the season.  In the meantime, relax with a classic combination to welcome in summer.  The idea of this is two-fold...get these recipes down pat as your go-tos all summer.  Once you practice enough, you'll always have a fun cocktail and snack to mix up for summer evenings and carry on into the tailgate season.  Cheers!

source for this pretty margarita:

Rick Bayless is the el rey (King!) of authentic Mexican food.   Here is his favorite Guacamole recipe.

Simple Guacamole

Guacamole Sencillo

Serves 8 to 12 as a snack
Recipe from Season 3 of Mexico - One Plate at a Time 


2 to 3 garlic cloves, peeled
Hot fresh green chiles to taste (I’d choose 2 serranos), stems removed
3 ripe avocados, preferably the black-skinned Hass
A couple of tablespoons chopped fresh Mexican herbs (such as cilantro, pipisa or papalo)
1 small white onion (fresh knob onion—green tops still on—is best), finely chopped
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
A little crumbled Mexican fresh cheese (queso fresco) for garnish
A sliced radish or two for garnish


Finely chop the garlic and green chiles, and scoop them into a bowl.
One at a time, run a knife down through each avocado, starting at the top, until you reach the pit; continue cutting around the pit until you reach the point you started.
Twist the two halves of the avocado apart. Remove the pit and discard. Scoop the flesh into the bowl with the chiles. Mash coarsely with the back of a spoon or an old-fashioned potato masher.

Gameday Style will have to discuss this brilliant and delicious idea a bit further as we prepare for tailgating season.  Rick Bayless also has a recipe for a Luxury Guacamole Bar. Check it out right here:

And then go over here to Bloomspot blog for some fun experimental margaritas:

And then right here at Esquire for their ode to the easy beer margarita:

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