Good Football TV

The Game is centered around the fictional pro football team, the San Diego Sabers.  It follows the path of Derwin and Melanie, college sweethearts who struggle through Derwin's rookie and practice squad years in professional football.  Derwin perseveres and emerges as a surprising superstar and the series takes the viewer through that career stage for Derwin and Melanie.  Even more fun than Derwin and Melanie are all of the supporting role players who eventually become main role players in the series...a super fan favorite being Ms. Tasha Mack.  Watch from Season 1 to see Derwin and Melanie as fresh-faced college graduates to the current season 5 on BET (Tuesdays 10P/9C) where they struggle through married life.

The New York Times has a great column from Season 4 about this BET favorite right here.  

Friday Night Lights

Even though this show is no longer filming, NBC maintains a website for the show's devoted fans including a yearbook of all of the students who appeared on the show through the years.  This is purely good TV that you should watch from the beginning of Season 1 if you have the opportunity of never seeing an episode before.  It's so good to just sit and watch from the very beginning.  Not really about football, the show focuses on a small town Texas community and the high school that life is centered around.

Here is Gameday Style's recipe for Caramel Corn in case you want to crunch on it during your TV marathons.  

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