Mrs. Manning

My sister gifted our boys a few years ago with the most wonderful children's book, Family Huddle, written by some Manning boys.  (you may have heard of them?)

Our sons have such a sweet affection for this sweet story.  They became Manning fans at a very young age because of it.  They seem to identify with the role of football and family and brotherly love in Family Huddle.  They know the brothers are Cooper, Peyton and Eli and their daddy is Archie.  See the pretty lady in the back of the book cover?  She is Olivia, my favorite character in the story...the lady in the middle of that mess of boys and football.  

You hear about the Mannings, of course, but not as much as the elegant woman behind those boys.  So when Garden and Gun arrived in the mail this week with "Olivia Manning: Football's First Lady" on the cover, I stopped what I was doing and read Julia Reed's beautiful profile on her.  I thought you would enjoy it too.  


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