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Team Colors for the 4th

The Fourth is a perfect holiday to utilize all of your team color savvy and spirit.  If you can make a food into your team colors, you can make it into red, white and blue.  And, of course, vice versa.  You can look at all of the clever red, white and blue good things to eat and replace those colors with your team colors for the fall.  

A blog I enjoy reading, Style Blueprint, is based in several southern cities...Atlanta, Birmingham, Louisville, Nashville and Memphis.   It is a well-curated blog covering stylish lifestyle subjects.  The Style Blueprint writers have great taste and while it has posts about general subjects for a national audience, it also informs readers about what is the hip and happening going on in its respective city.  

I follow the Memphis Style Blueprint and they had a fabulous post on food ideas for the Fourth of July.  I couldn't help but imagine my team colors in place of the colors of Old Glory for a September tailgate.  If your team colors are red and white, remove the blue.  If your team colors are blue and white, remove the red.  Or...incorporate the colors that work for get the idea!

Patriotic Palate Pleasers

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I don’t know about you, but for me, there is just nothing better than the 4th of July! A nation-wide party to honor the good ole USA. It is a day that represents not only our country’s birthday, but the adoption of our Declaration of Independence. It is a great day for so many things…Ray Charles’ version of America the Beautiful, sparklers, cookouts, fireworks shows and parades!
When it comes to delicious treats and cold cocktails, the 4th always delivers as well. From fruity drinks to flag inspired cakes, I am always in search of creative and tasty patriotic eats! Here are several 4th inspired ideas to make your party a true red, white and blue celebration! Happy Birthday America!
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Layers of absolute goodness

Sprinkles make everything better!

Homemade Cookie Bark

A twist on the traditional Margarita.

Kick it up a notch with a Rice Krispy Treat Flag

Patriotic Popcorn

Nothing better than a little mix of salty and sweet

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