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Your (other) Tournament Bracket

Garden and Gun magazine is so clever.  They have their own tournament bracket in March...for food.  If you love Southern fare, you should check this out.  It's fun! "Last year we came up with the slightly crazy idea to do our own version of the March Madness bracket, pitting the stalwarts of Southern food against one another in a battle for culinary supremacy. The response was, well, pretty overwhelming. In an upset, shrimp and grits took the title over pulled pork, prompting one disheartened Facebook fan to tell us, “My world makes no sense anymore.” But hey, what’s a rivalry without a little heat? The time has come for a rematch as we kick off the second annual  Ultimate Southern Food Bracket . The heavyweights are back, along with some scrappy underdogs. And to keep it interesting, this year we’ve grouped the teams into four Southern divisions: Barbecue, Lowcountry, Classics, and Cajun/Creole. Over the next few weeks, you can  vote  o nline   to determine who

May the Luck of the Irish be with you!


Pin It for St. Patrick's Day

The most innovative and creative ideas these days are on Pinterest.   If you haven't yet discovered this overflowing well of ideas, head on over and create your account.   You can follow Gameday Style on Pinterest.   No one does it better than Martha and Martha Stewart has a fantastic St. Patrick's Day pinboard on Pinterest .  You can utilize some of these ideas for a game get together or just for celebrating St. Patricks Day.  Here are some can go check out the board for yourself at .  Enjoy! And for dessert, even Martha gets into the gameday spirit with a series of cookies and brownies dedicated to March Madness.  Check them out here:

No. 1 Seed Feeds

Yesterday four schools were crowned number one seeds in the  NCAA basketball tournament.  In the spirit of, well, school spirit,  here are some links to team themed recipes and a little mascot trivia for your Gameday Style tournament food.   Kentucky Wildcats The nickname "Wildcats" became synonymous with UK shortly after a 6–2 football road victory over Illinois on October 9, 1909. Commandant Philip W. Corbusier, then head of the military department at old State University, told a group of students in a chapel service following the game that the Kentucky football team had "fought like Wildcats." Later the name Wildcats became more and more popular among UK followers as well as with members of the media. As a result, the nickname was adopted by the University. (source: Wikipedia) Corrie's Kentucky Pie Michigan State Spartans In 1925, the institution changed its nam

Gameday Eats

It's conference tournament championship time and it has me thinking about upcoming March Madness game-watching food that qualifies for great Gameday Style food.  Readers, it's so fun finding resources and recipes for Gameday Style.  Now, I'd love to get some recipes from you, the Gameday Style readers.  Email me your favorites at and always!

Team Colored Popcorn

Love an excuse for a gameday style party any time of year!  With the basketball conference championships and March Madness upon us, it's time to crank out some Gameday Style food.  Here is the recipe to make some colored popcorn in your team colors direct from the blog, Celebration Generation . Glazed Popcorn (Per flavor/color!) 1/4 cup butter 1/4 cup light corn syrup 3/4 cup sugar 1 small package Jello, any flavor 10 cups popped popcorn Melt butter and corn syrup together in a heavy pan. Add sugar and Jello, bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Let boil for 5 minutes, remove from heat. Carefully pour Jello mixture over popcorn – mixture is HOT NASTY LAVA, so it’ll burn you if you’re not careful. Mix well. Spread popcorn out on a greased cookie sheet, and allow to cool. (Some people like to bake this for 10 minutes at 350F… personally, I like the slight gooeyness it keeps without being baked!). Make a second batch in another flavor/color, and also allow to cool/

St. Patrick's Day Team Gear

St. Patty's Day is not too far away.   College Football Store has a collection of Irish-themed college gear to wear as you get set for March Madness.  All of you O'Laughlins, Murphys, Kellys, Welshs, and O'everything else's will enjoy wearing these to show your Irish lad and team pride all year long. Here is the link to all of the Irish-themed team gear: at